The principality of Liechtenstein is home to WeltenBrand, formed in 1995 by Oliver Falk.
Ritchie Wenaweser and Simone Steiner joined for vocals.
That same year, the band secured a record deal with Witchhunt Records
and subsequently released their debut Das Rabenland a romantically inclined Darkwave album that immediately found
acceptance within the genre.

A year later, WeltenBrand signed to Oliver Falks own label M.O.S. Records Ltd. to record and release their second
offering, Das Nachtvolk, in 1997. This release featured WeltenBrand violinist Daniela Nipp for the first time
and remained true to the bands sound, while improving upon both the musical and vocal arrangements

Der Untergang von Trisona was released in 1999. The bands third album quickly received much praise from the media
for its bombastic appeal and relentless energy apparent on each track. Its Neo Dark Classic style, boasting of medieval
influences, also caught the attention of the listeners.

WeltenBrand released In Gottes oder des Teufels Namen in 2002. The album concentrated on featuring clear vocal arrangements
and straightforward compositions without losing the uniqueness attributed to the band. While each WeltenBrand album presents
a different perspective of the bands sound, they do share a common thread. The lyrics always stem from Liechtensteins myths
and legends as told by Dr. Otto Seger.

Following the disbandment of M.O.S. Records Ltd., WeltenBrand signed to Napalm Records in the fall of 2002 and began working
on their fifth release entitled The End of the Wizard. The tracks on this latest work continue
to draw upon the magical uniqueness of songwriter Oliver Falks compositions, while becoming more appealing to the masses.
The End Of The Wizard promises to deliver an enchanting journey into the mythical world of Liechtensteins myriad legends
and sagas. The End of the Wizard has been released in August 2006.

Between 2005 and 2010 WeltenBrand have made some adjustments. The liechtensteiner project left Napalm Recordsand went back to the new formed M.O.S. Records AG and made a remarkable change of bandmembers. The two vocalists Steiner and Wenaweser have been replaced through Dina Fak (former Zambelli), first heard on The End of the Wizard, and Manja Wagner (former Gückel).

In summer 2010 WeltenBrand started to work on the follower of The End of the Wizard, allthough their 6th album can't be called a follower. It rather is the beginning of a new way the project is entering.





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